Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Not For The Fiat Of Heart #777

New to 2018



Turn OFF The TV!! 

Time to BUST OUT INTO your own creative mode and to go to work listen to no ONE who says you will not succeeded and turn that noise OFF!! 
KEYS to success are by watching and listening to others failures and you turning up your creative juices STOP buying into others successes lit·er·al·ly $$$ create your own!! 

Start by using free tools to get your affiliate marketing off the ground
But First...
There are many ways to get into an AFFILIATE Marketing program YES many ways to start your very own income source!! Here just a few companies that offer these programs for those who are seeking some supplemental incomes.
  • Amazon: 1st create your own Amazon account then sign up for their affiliate program at the bottom of their web page.
  • Toys R Us
  • BestBuy
  • ClickBank 
There a many others! 

I have in one my earlier post mentioned tools that are free to navigate and use that are free.
Once Again Here Are A Few!
No experience necessary!
Here is a look at my Amazon store by Webstarts: Zoompin
The possibilities are truly endless the only thing that will prevent or STOP you from accomplishing a residual income for your self  IS yourself. 

Helpful tip's from Amazon:
A blog is not just about content. In order for your site to succeed, the layout and design is just as important. Click above for helpful tips and tricks to improve the design of your website or blog. 

Click here to review three main WordPress themes and decide which is best for you.

For some, the idea to start a blog can come spontaneously, while for others, it’s a longstanding personal wish. We'll help you identify the skills you need to get started.

Thank you for visiting my Blog If you are ready to roll up your selves and go to WORK you too can earn a six figure income.


    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    A- Marketing

    Tools Plus 

    Marketing is a tough job if you do not have the right tools to get your goods and services out there on the internet.I could go into all the do's and don'ts in the market place but I would much rather give entrepreneurs free tools that are very useful to the experienced and non-experienced.
    Here are two of my favorite tools to help move your business forward.
    1. Waist no time get yourself in front of others build your platform.                                                 (Refer A Friend)  
    2. These are not in any specific order both are FANTASTIC                                                     (Give Friends Savings) 
    SAMPLE: Here you can look at my efforts using Webstarts 
    SAMPLE: Both of these are fantastic ways to improve your exposure for Marketing your business on the internet in both cases they have proven to be solid and to give you a great foothold to get you services and products to market. Weebly   

    After you have made you choice between Webstarts and Weebly it's time to move forward. If you own a Smart phone, iPhone or you have a laptop or a computer with a video cam you may want to use YouTube or Vimeo to create a visuals for you customers here are a couple of my own.

    SAMPLE: YouTube

    SAMPLE: Vimeo 

    Win10 Outlook BBC from Rich Gardner on Vimeo.

    Here are some of the basic tools that I use to promote my business your options are endless to how you can use these tools whether you are a store, affiliate marketer or a business that needs a simple advertisement platform this is a great starting point.  

    Tuesday, August 9, 2016

    Website #1 Marketing Tool

    No Sure Fire Way to Beat the Google System for Ranking

    If you are an Affiliate Marketer, you will have your work cut out for you to say the least. Google crawlers look for the above words better know as #TAG's on a web page some are told to have more than ten keywords to get seen by these crawlers. The truth 3 (three) is the KEY! The other thing you need to know about Google crawlers is that they know what Affiliate banners and links LOOK like and are kicked out of the Google search BAM! just like that! Sorry to say there is no workaround for that.
    Affiliate Marketers have you heard of splash pages? If not now you have now you can build these for free, and they are live once you publish them the best place to create a splash page is Weebly !  I have tried many other free web design host to find that you fall off the face of the earth after clicking publish. 
    Sample Splash Page
    Why a splash page? It is like magazine covers it is the first thing the reader see's, and it is inviting this is where I think a lot of affiliate marketers can reach a wider group to begin their adventure. I want to touch on one more thing before I stop, when you use Blogger you will want to use only three (3) Key Tags and use words in the blog post or that explain your Blog post and the same with your splash page. When you read this post, you will see the three (3) Tags I have used for this post. 
    If you are interested in reaching a wider consumer base, sign up now and get started with a Weebly Splash Page. 

    If you do not believe it, give it a try! Weebly Splash

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015

    Drive Traffic

    If you need more website traffic,
    read this email carefully...

    Many so called Gurus tell you that
    you need to do things like:

    - Search Engine Optimization

    - Using Social Networks

    - Submitting tons of articles

    - Writing new blog posts daily

    - Buy PPC traffic

    ... etc.

    I bet you've tried many of these
    things... and how much traffic did
    you get?

    From experience I know that the
    traffic methods above work, but
    they don't work for all websites
    and to make them work, you have
    to invest alot of time... we are
    talking about some months here.

    But it can be much easier to
    generate website traffic...

    ... one of my favorite ways is to
    use Manual Traffic Exchanges.

    They work and they work best if
    you use Squeeze Pages or Splash

    Check out this traffic exchange,
    I get tons of free traffic from


    Traffic Witch

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015

    Jump Start your Online Presence

    Looking For A Place to Create more Online Awareness 

    For A Business,Shop,Market or anything else you would like to share. 
    You are in the right place! 

    Watch this video introduction by Webstart

    After watching the video sign up today and get started on you new free website and get noticed online by sharing your website with your friends.  

    Monday, March 9, 2015

    Need a JOB want a JOB Do a JOB

    Due to the economic down- turn what can we do to find JOBS?
    I have found a solution!
    Oddjobcity is offering you the opportunity to share you services with others who are looking for your job skills.

     It is Free.

    Share your services and skills in an ad with others be noticed and generate a much need income. Are you a home giver, Nanny, Grounds keeper, Tax preparer, Wash cars, Cut lawns, Home maker, and this list goes on so whatever your life skills are get noticed. 

    Opportunity not only can you run free advertising for yourself you can earn extra buy sharing Odd City Jobs with others. Because they are growing they are offering you a % for sharing their service with others.

    In order to get started all that is required is to sign-up and share.                 

    Here is the +Plus even if you are just looking for a Job they have which is the #1 rated Job search engine today!

    Why not?

    Give yourself a better way to look for or share with others to increase you reach to make life a bit easier by earning along your way in the Job or Service you can provide.

    In business for yourself? Take advantage of this ONLY if you offer services! Reward your self to FREE ADVERTISING TODAY! Just sign up and start posting you service today if that's not want your about then search the Indeed JOB search MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME IT IS VALUABLE!!   

    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    Transparency = Convertion?

     Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in a social context more generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability. Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. It has been defined simply as "the perceived quality of intentionally shared information from a sender".1) For example, a cashier making change after a point of sale transaction by offering a record of the items purchased (e.g., a receipt) as well as counting out the customer's change on the counter demonstrates transparency.


    When marketing your own business how do you go about being transparent? I will get back to this Q in a minute.First lets look into the model for todays marketing and see how it  stacks up.There are many ways MLMers' get your money they offer you tools plus any other means that sound and look very enticing, and with right catchphrase you are hook like a fish! Then your money goes from your pocket into their pockets and in most cases it is a win win for them. Most of these do tell groups believe in " if the wheel is not broke don't fix it!" and they are marketing in a MLM fashion one way or another. Everyone can make $5 bucks!  Whether it is writing blogs,Travel, JOBs, or any other niche.The model is the same when it is drawn out it just comes with a different name the Binary Plan, here is a very simple example of what it looks like.  

    Binary Plan
         If want more information into this plan there are several people on YouTube that will walk you through this process. I am not one of them. I have my own very small business and I need to spend more time doing it than spending money. I don't have the time or money to further someone else's  marketing ventures.My little business is to help all these MLMers' to keep their computers maintained so they can make the millions they continue to enjoy

    at OnlinePCMaintenance, and to continue my writing in my blogs to inform others about all these free services that are available to them to promote their own business *free. This will include Affiliate marketing business and MLMs. 
    How do you become more transparent? Transparent means see through right? Again a play on words. In my day, in order to be successful you just treat others the same way you like to be treated. So here are the truthful words. Respect,Kindness, Love, Consideration,Honesty, and to be truthful in your dealings. 

     Weather you decide to do any of these types of marketing and business ventures you need to know straight -up truthfully it is hard work and to be successful a good 5 to 10 years builds a great reputation. I do not think I missed anything here.
    Lastly my best recommendation is to do yourself due diligence when looking into an MLM groups that offer you "you can make your $6,000.00 in you first month plane" it will never happen! All those who are looking for the quick rich plan you will not find it here at ALL and I mean at ALL!
    MLMers' want skin in the game $$$$. 
    I personally enjoy my Affiliate marketing which is free and low risk. Here are a few that I personally enjoy sponsoring.

    Next time! How can you start you own business *Free will be my topic.